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Wanting to go big for our 10th anniversary, my husband and I began dreaming about how and where to celebrate. It wasn’t long before we agreed on being oceanside, oceanfront and ocean as far as the eye could see. But, when you live in the beautiful yet landlocked Rocky Mountains of Colorado getting to the sandy beaches of Costa Rica can be the pits. Plus, there was the small detail of closing the financial gap between what was saved and what we’d need to make this dream come true.

Motivation comes from all kinds of places and mine was TO BE IN WARM WEATHER IN NOVEMBER. And so, I wondered aloud, I got still, I listened … the whisper came in the form of an invitation to remember a bit of my old self, who had once dabbled in painting furniture.

And so it began. I stayed up way too late to watch way too many YouTube videos, I invested in paints and brushes, I bought ice cream in containers with screw top lids for storing different colors (this was not a huge sacrifice seeing as though ice cream is who I am) and then I got to work. Weeks passed, furniture sold, friends and family cheered me on, space was given (thank you, Kyle!), Kathy’s Garage was born … and Costa Rica was amazing.

Coral nightstands 2.JPG
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